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51 Aktenummer: Reg.6G fol. 36v
Akteplaats: Amsterdam
Registratiedatum: 10-09-1913 
Family F268
52 Albert Alberts is een buitenechtelijk kind, aangegeven door haar vader Albert Coenraads. Op 15-1-1817 doet hij aangifte van overlijden. Grietien was ongehuwd.

Op 27-12-1818 wordt er weer een buitenechtelijk kind geboren. Het heet Geert en krijgt, na huwelijk op 5-6-1819 met Geert Ubels, de achternaam Ubels.

Bij beide bevallingen was vroedvrouw Grietien Pieters aanwezig.
van Bergen, Grietien (I3244)
53 Albert Louwen Diender (had een schip van 22 ton), gedoopt Emmeloord 28-5-1787, overleden Kampen 10-7-1869, gehuwd Emmeloord 21-9-1812 met Jannetje Alberts Goosen (1793-1871). Diender, Albertus Lowen (I35)
54 Albert werd op 11-6-1921 opgenomen in de psychiatrische inrichting "Dennenoord" te Zuidlaren.  van Bergen, Albert (I3782)
55 Alfred Bockstr. 19
35394 Giessen 
Gelsebach, Lieschen (I448)
56 Algemene Begraafplaats Noorderveld Osterhaus, Petrus Joseph Maria (I767)
57 All information comes from the Ceres Transport Riders' Museum in South Africa.

With special thanks to Bertdene Laubscher.

Johannes Cornelis Goosen was born in Klein Drakenstein and came to the Warm Bokkeveld as a young farmer. In March 1851 Goosen bought the farm Wagenbooms Rivier from George Sebastiaan Wolfaardt (married 20 march 1836 to the daughter of Johannes Cornelis) at the “fantastic” price of £6 000. Ten years later he measured out first 80 and then another 10 plots and sold them for £6 000 each. These plots had water rights and each owner also received one morgen of land to cultivate in the Bakoven River to grow feed for their animals.

While Goosen was busy measuring out his plots, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Alfred, visited the Cape Colony. Goosen decided to name the new town after the Prince and so the name Prince Alfred’s Hamlet was born.

In 1861 the first school was established with 42 pupils under the tutorship of Master Strobos. The building, a temporary construction, was known as the “House on Sticks”. In 1871 the “House on Sticks” was demolished when a permanent building became available. It was also used as the church.

A new schoolmaster, D.G. Roux, was appointed and he was to become a spiritual leader in the community. After much negotiation, the school committee managed to get a new building in 1910. Since 1969 the school has been known as the F.D. Conradie Primary School.

The Commercial Hotel in Hamlet was outspan and resting place for man and beast. After the discovery of diamonds in 1870, the owner, John Taylor decided to start a transport business. He used donkey carts to transport goods from Wellington, through Ceres and Hamlet, to Kimberley. Wellington was then the nearest train station to Kimberley.

In 1906 the Prince Alfred’s Hamlet members of the Ceres Dutch Reformed Church decided to build their own church. D.G. Roux laid the cornerstone on 5 May 1906. Each member had to help by donating a delivery of the stones and each family bought its own pew. In 1926 a parsonage was built so that a full-time minister could be appointed to serve this congregation. On 5 November 1954 they broke away from Ceres “Mother” Church and Rev. I.B. Fourie took up the position of minister of the independent parish. On 25 April 1964 Fourie laid the cornerstone of the new church. The new building was opened on 14 and 15 November and the old building was converted into a hall.

A Dutch Reformed Mission Church, i.e. a separate church for Coloured people, was established in 1965 and a church was built. The first minister was J. Marais. This church, as well as many other old houses, did not survive the earthquake of 1969.

In 1928 Prince Alfred’s Hamlet got its own train station. The Minister of Railways, W.C. Malan, applied the last bolt to the line before the train, filled with school children, left Ceres for the ceremony at Hamlet.

A Town Council was inaugurated on 8 December 1874 and on 28 December 1910 the town was given the status of Municipality under the Municipality Law of 1882. In 1926 a Town Hall was built and in 1979 the offices next to it were added. The Hamlet Country Hotel is the oldest business still in operation. Part of the building was constructed in the 19th century and since 1940 the Kahn family has run it.
Goosen, Johannes Cornelis (I76)
58 Alleen in huis gevonden na 5 dagen ongeveer. Goosen, Johan (I288)
59 Als getuijgen sijn Martinus Wessel en Johanna Barbara van Aken. Goosen, Maria (I88)
60 Als levenloos aangegeven kind van Isaac Hiddes Kuipers, boer & Hiltje Tjerks van't Zet. In deze memorie met nr.412 (ingediend 28/8/1845) verklaren ouders dat kind nog 4 uren heeft geleefd. Kuipers, kind (I1234)
61 Also 02-04-1809 Goosen, Christoffel Jacobus Francois (I22)
62 Also 1768 Botha, Anna (I145)
63 Also 1810 Goosen, Pieter Hendrik (I155)
64 Also 1843
Goosen, Anna Margaretha (I215)
65 Also 25-08-1850 Colliesfontein Oos Kaap Botha, Anna Susanna (I316)
66 Also Baerg Berg, Anna (I438)
67 Also birth 16-12-1774 Goosen, Dorothea Magdalena (I100)
68 Also Hendricks Heinrichs, Linda (I417)
69 Also:
Birth 05-05-1761 Tradouw, Swellendam, (73j 2m 13d)
Death 18-07-1834 Somerset Oos
Goosen, Gerrit Pieter (I23)
70 Also: Gooszen Goossen, Henry (I943)
71 Alvin L. Goossen Obituary

Alvin L. Goossen was born February 18, 1907, nine miles southwest of Hillsboro, Kansas. His parents were Franz M. and Susanna (Duerksen) Goossen.He was the fifth one of 10 brothers. He received his elementary education in the Antioch Rural School and later also attended the Hillsboro Prepartor School for one year. At the age of 17 years, special meetings were held at the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church, he realized his need of salvation in Jesus Christ. After a good Bible instruction by the pastor, he was baptized upon his confession of faith on May 31, 1925 by
Rev. Peter H. Unruh and received as a member into the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church.

On October 4, 1929, he joined hands with Bertha Franz in Holy Matrimony. The Bible text Isaiah 54:10 was used in English by Rev. P. H. Unruh and Rev. C. C. Wedel spoke in German on Luke 10:42.

Shortly after the wedding they moved to a rent farm in Thomas County, Kansas. Here they lived 12 years.
In 1934 and 1935, the experience was a great drought and a world wide depression, and on top of that,Mother took sick and was hospitalized 31 days in the Spring of 1935. She had to undergo a serious surgery. It was a trying year, but God's grace proved to be sufficient. Then after the hard years there also came many good years so that in 1942 they moved on their own farm which was 3 miles south and 3/4 mile west of Mingo, Kansas.

In 1937 when the Meadow Mennonite Church was organized they became charter members of that new church. Father then was elected as Chairman to the deacon board. Since this new church did not have a standing minister, Father had a great responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the church which he enjoyed greatly. Father also has been
teaching adult Sunday School class till he had some eye trouble. In 1951 he joined the Gideon International, since then he has spoken in almost 300 churches. It was a great blessing for him to give Testaments in the name of Christ to the youth and college students.

In 1947 they were instrumental in helping the Abraham Arendt family to America through the MCC. This family had fled from South Russia to Reverenstine, Holland during World War II. They still are very thankful to us and the Lord to be in America.

On January 20, 1957, Father's health started to fail. He had an acute gall bladder attack and on October 11, 1958, he had to undergo surgery in the Colby, Kansas hospital to have the gall bladder and appendix removed. At this time he was very close to the end, but after 5 days he started to improve again, still leaving him with a weak heart. Then by the doctors suggestion they left the lovely farm on August 25, 1959 and moved to Newton. Here they made themselves at home in town and soon joined
the Newton Bible Church. Later in 1972 they joined the Garden Mennonite Church.

In fall of 1979 father and mother celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Garden Mennonite Church with all the 25 children and grandchildren present. A family picture was taken at that time.

Father and Mother have traveled into almost every state of the union and in Europe. Father had a hobby,
spent time in building replicas, such as the old 1886 Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church and the one room Antioch School House, which can be seen in the Goessel Museum. He also enjoyed his pencil collection which he often showed and gave lectures in grade schools. The harmonica he played to the praise of the Lord.

Because of ageing, they sold their home in Newton and moved on December 27, 1983 to a new apartment at the Memorial Home south of Moundridge, Kansas.
They always were happy to have their children and grandchildren come and visit them and they shared many deeds of love toward them. Father and Mother shared many joys and sorrows, but the Lord always provided grace and strength, sustaining them in faith of Him who called them.

On December 12, 1990, the Lord called mother to her heavenly home at 6:17 AM. They had lived more then 60 precious years together. After mother's death, father spent many tearful moments before the Lord his Saviour.

Father is survived by his dear children: Paul and his wife Hildegard, Wayland, Iowa; Susie and her husband Jake Barkman, Elkhart, Kansas: Alva and his wife Linda, Plevena, Kansas and Elsie of Boulder, Colorado; 13 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren; three brothers, Ferdinand, Goessel, Edward, Colby and Walter, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Father passed away November 22, 1997, at the age of 90 years and 9 months and 4 days.

(Info from 
Goossen, Alvin L. (I247)
72 Anekdote
Hij dankt zijn bijnaam aan het feit dat hij ervan uitging dat hij niet alleen liep. 'IK BIN NIET ALLIENIG, DE DUIVEL LOOPT MET ME MEE !" 
Keizer, Jan (met z'n Beiden) (I4852)
73 Anna Goossen was the 1932 Valedictorian of
Other her senior class.
Anna Areklet taught school in Oceana County for 30 years. She retired in1974.

She loved her home, family, gardening, teaching school.

She was a very independent person. After her husband Frank died in 1988she continued to live on the farm in the house she and her husband livedin all of their 50 years of marriage until 1997 when she broke her backand was hospitalized for ill health.

She was in and out of the hospital until April of 1998. She lived withher son and his family from April 1998 until July 30, 2002. Anna MarieAreklet Died July 30, 2002 Anna Marie Areklet passed away unexpectedlyat home on July 30. Anna Marie Goosen was born April 30, 1913 in CrystalValley to Cornelius and Theresa (Perlings) Goosen. They later moved toRiverton Township. Anna attended Buck School and later graduated fromPentwater High School. She was active in basketball, the debate team,was editor of the school paper, school librarian, class treasurer, bestall-around student, and the 1932 class valedictorian. Upon graduation,Anna attended Oceana County Normal pursuing a career in education, andlater received a bachelor of science degree from Western MichiganUniversity. For years, she was the director of the Buck School board.She enjoyed a 30-year teaching career in Oceana County schools,eventually retiring from Pentwater Public Schools in 1973 after 10 yearsof service. Upon retirement, Anna was active in the Oceana Chapter ofthe Michigan Association of Retired Teachers. She was admired andrespected by her colleagues and students alike. On June 11, 1938, Annamarried Frank Areklet, her cherished husband of 50 years. They livedtogether at their home on Stiles Road where they spent many happy years.Her many hobbies included sewing, cooking, baking, reading andgardening. Anna was preceded in death by her loving husband Frank; twobrothers, Frank (and Muriel) Goosen and Ston Goosen; two sisters, Mary(and William) Schlee and Ruby (and Francis) Minnick; one nephew, RobertGoosen; and her sister-in-law Muriel (Nash) Goosen. She is survived byher son and daughter-in-law, John (Diane) Areklet of Riverton, with whomshe spent the last years of her life; three grandchildren, Karen (John)Lammi of Riverton, Beth (Shane) Bowman of Ludington, and John Areklet ofRiverton; and her two adored great-grandchildren Matthew Lammi andSpencer Bowman. She is also survived by one brother, John (Emma) Goosenof Hart; two sisters, Barbara (Louis) Wilde of Bailey and Julia (Henry)Dennert of Hart; her sister-in-law, Regina Goosen of Muskegon, andseveral nieces, nephews and cousins. Funeral services for Mrs. Arekletwill be Friday, Aug. 2 at 11 a.m. at the Tate Funeral Chapel in Hartwith the Rev. John Christensen officiating. Visitation will be Thursday,Aug. 1 from 2 - 4 and 7 - 9 p.m. The family asks that those who wish tomake a lasting memorial contribution to consider the Crystal Valley CareFund.

Goosen, Anna Marie (I34)
74 Anna Helena was een zgn. 'voorkind' van Johann Gerhard en Anna Maria.
In 1884 komen wonen met moeder in Tiel. In 1907 verhuisd naar Nijmegen. 
Maass, Anna Helena (I579)
75 Archiefkaarten van Persoonskaarten 1939-1994
Archiefkaarten: NL-SAA-6172553 
Baneman, Johnny (I661)
76 Arent Klasen is in 1735 mede-momber over de kinderen van wijlen Geert Tonnis en Aaltje Geerts, Hindrik Kleve is hoofd-momber. (Momber is een voogd over onmondigen). Tolner, Arend (I2778)
77 Arrival May 6th, 1887 New York on the SS Pieter Caland. Family F2251
78 Arrived in 1907. Ruben(s), Rebekka (Bertha) (I79)
79 Arrived the 14th of September of 1907 in Galveston Texas on the SS Frankfurt. The SS Frankfurt was the first to respond to the Titanic disaster. Stefka, Josef (Joe) (I1271)
80 As ophalen (op afspraak) in asbus of in koker. (2013) Goosen, Elisabeth (I249)
81 Asbestemming: Verstrooien op zee (met bericht). Osterhaus, Clara Elizabet Maria (I4315)
82 ASD
A. d Ruijterweg 480
PB111807 (13-6-1941)
Thomas à Kempisstr 15 (18-3-1858)
Bloemendaalseweg 166 (4-2-1881) 
Dekker, Wijbrand (I4746)
83 ASD
C Dirkszstr 23 II
Baarsjesweg 224 I (1-7-1941)
Palestrinaln 1147 (12-8-1969) 
Stokhof, Wilhelmus Theodorus (I2211)
84 ASD
FvAlmondestr 28 hs
Admiralengrt 234 hs (7-5-1940) 
Mayland, Maria Everdina Josephina (I4446)
85 ASD
Hobbemakade 85 3h
Jekerstr 37 I (31-8-1950)
R Hartstr 13 I (20-5-1953)
Postjesweg 101 II (29-12-1958)
Pl Middenln 52 (13-7-1966) 
Mayland, Hendrika Johanna Maria (I4444)
86 ASD
Kraaienplein 18hs
Goosen, Johannes (I150)
87 ASD
Kraaienplein 18hs (29-12-1932) 
Goosen, Helena (I243)
88 ASD
Paramaribostr 5 II
div adressen (21-11-1946)
Marowijnestr 12 hs (7-12-1956) 
van Lengen, Amalie Brunette Marie (I4438)
89 ASD
Paramaribostr 5 II
Insulindeweg 156 I (21-11-1946)
Luzacstr 7 II (9-1-1947)
Marowijnestr 12 hs (7-12-1956)
Rijswijkstr 31 (25-1-1965)
Jisperveldstr 452 (5-3-1968) 
Mayland, Frederik Wilhelm Gerardus (I4437)
90 ASD
Saenredamstr 46 3h
Saenredamstraat 46 I (2-5-1974) 
Mayland, George Heinrich Gerardus (I4449)
91 ASD
Surinamestr 5 I
PB 80748 (06Jun41)
HAARL MEER (30Jan46)
Nieuwemeerdijk 167 
Breuker, Alida (I2634)
92 ASD
v Beuningenstr 113 III
PB482043 (9-08-1941)
VOW (18-06-1946) 
Stokhof, Wilhelmus (I4119)
93 ASD
ten Katestr 11 I
Jan den Haenstr 28 3h (30-10-1944)
Canthoniszstr 28 II (30-09-1947)
Burg. Rendorpstr 57hs (4-12-1953)

Ysvogelstr 1 (28-6-1972) 
Meconi, Hendricus Jacobus (I4940)
94 ASD 1e Atjehstr 8hs
Boeroestr 1 I (15-11-1939)
Leizersgrt 161hs (3-5-1940)
Boeroestr 1 I (11-12-1940) 
Stokhof, Albertus (I2177)
95 ASD a/b "Nooit Gedacht"
z vaste ligpl waladr
Kr. Boomssloot 49II
31Aug44 CBR BeschlSep43SGBZa
30Mrt48 ASD a/b "Nooit Gedacht"

Lastageweg 9 II
Stokhof, Adrianus (I2135)
96 ASD Amstelv weg 162hs
J sonstr 37 I (29Mei42)
Sloterkade 163 bov (2Jan47) 
Breuker, Adriaan (I5265)
97 ASD Amstelvweg 162 2h
PB80960 (14Aug41) 
Breuker, Willem (I5261)
98 ASD Bilderd kade 53 I
PB 481995 (9-8-1941)
Van Hallstr 121 II (23-9-1955)
Schaepmanstraat 4 I (28-5-1974)
Hofwijckstraat 19 hs (5-7-1974)
Keizersgracht 202 I (31-12-1985)
Boutensstraat 16 I (15-4-1986) 
Stokhof, Aleida (I4145)
99 ASD Bloemstr 48 II
PB343934 (18-07-1941)
Oostervenne 357, Purmerend (26-02-1976) 
Meijning, Jansje (I4334)
100 ASD da Costastr 133 III
da Costastr 133 hs L (03-06-1940)
Avenhornstr 1 hs (11-04-1944)
Vondelstr 55 hs (19-07-1944)
Jansen, Johanna Hendrika (I4336)

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