Miranda Jansen


my name is Miranda Jansen and my grandmother is Francisca Goossens, daughter of Ivan Goossens. Her sister Julia Goossens immigrated to Michigan with her husband Joseph Jansen.

I found her Donna Edel, Aunt Julia granddaughter and still are in touch through facebook, with her children. 

Really want to know more of my family in Michigan. Are there any pictures?

kind regards

Miranda Jansen

Sunday, 24 September 2017 17:04

Hi Patrick,

I found youre  nice website.

Also i found our Family.

But it is not complete.

On Evert Louwe Goosen, VII39 there are missing people.

How do you get those information?



Sunday, 23 July 2017 17:31

Hi Gideon


Ek het vir jou n email gestuur kyk en laat weet maar. Groete Lezell

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 13:48
Tersia Mouton

Looking for any information regarding Johannes Goosen, born 1942 and passed away 1983. Johannes was married to Rosemary Merle Gordon-Stuart. Brothers known as Cois (Francois?) or Frank and Martin. Could also be Francois and Marthinus. Lived in Brakpan. Johannes was known as Johnny Goosen. Played water polo in Brakpan. 

Monday, 11 July 2016 16:48
Michele Goosen

I would like to thank you for this amazing website. I never knew there were so many Goosens around the world. Sadly i will never know my family tree as my father's father passed away before my dad was even born. All i was ever told was that my grandfather came from South Africa and settled down in Zimbabwe. He used to own cattle which he dipped near Lower Gweru.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 13:52
Theresa Prinsloo

I am Theresa Prinsloo born Goosen 29/09/1959. My father Leon Arnoldt Goosen married Hester Kotze. My brother is Dirk Jacobus Goosen. My sister Charmaine Lombard born Goosen.

My fathers father was Jacobus Ockert Goosen. His mother was Theresa Goosen ( by incident Goosen married Goosen although they were not direct family.

The Goosen married into Wamberg family (see Van Wamberg schloss in Belgium)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 16:32

My grandfather Herbert Goosen was born in South Africa. He married Johanna Christina Fuller.

Their  children's names are Nicholas Johannes Goosen, Denis James, Maureen and Robert Cecil Goosen. I would like to find my great grandparents. apparently Herbert's family are from Belgium.

What I do understand is that my grandfather also had a step mother.....don't know what her name is. Dodrecht in the Cape has been mentioned, but not sure where this ties in.


Herbert married my grandmother - Johanna Christina (Fuller) - I cannot pick up any records. The 2 remaining children that are alive cannot remember, only snippets....no names...


I hope there is someone that can help here

kind regards




Tuesday, 15 March 2016 16:33

Hi Patrick

Thanks for using the coat of arms I designed, I feel honoured that you have used my artword in promoting the Goosen family name and like to thank you for all your hard work you have put into this website over the years. Like yourself I also do not like to copyright my work as long as I get recognition when it is copied and used on other sites. Over the years a lot of my work has been copied from my website http://www.sketchme.org and http://family-shield.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/goosen-coat-of-arms.html without any recognition. I have copied a little paragraph from your 'Coat of Arms' page and posted a link on my site to your page, I hope you do not mind. Would it be at all possible that you also give me recognition for my artwork on your site?

Many thanks and kind regards

Japie Goosen

Monday, 12 October 2015 12:12

Thanks soooo much for putting up this website!  It has really helped me to fill out quite a lot of my family tree.  :)

Saturday, 26 September 2015 01:34


I sincerely hope you can help me

I am busy with research on the VAN SCHALKWYK FAMILY  

our grandfather NICOLAAS JACOBUS son of CORNELIS JOHANNES VAN SCHALKWYK AND CATHARINA SUSANNA THEUNISSEN they were staying on the farm ENKELDOORN 906 L   Cornelis died in 1899 and the orphan family were sent to the Concentration camp in Pietersburg.  After the war in 1910 NICOLAAS got married and was still residing at ENKELDOORN

With a deed search on the FARM ENKELDOORN 906 L we found that his farm was bought from the State by JACOBUS PETRUS GOOSEN  G3369/1897  and sold to BENJAMIN ANTONIE MULLER in 1912

We have no idea why our VAN SCHALKWYK family was staying on this farm unless there must be some relation to the Goosen family.  I did notice some DIRKSE VAN SCHALKWYK mother married to Goosen but is not sure what the link is.   I cannot find a JACOBUS PETRUS that would be old enough to buy property born around 1876

Please help




Monday, 14 September 2015 11:12
Heather Stipinovich

To Tracey-Lee Harris -- I think your Ouma Nellie was either my father's aunt or great aunt. My father was Frank (or originally Frans - he changed his name), the son of Rupert who was married to Eliza Oberholzer. Rupert's brother Samuel was married to Petronella Oberholzer(she & Eliza were sisters). I have two copies of articles written  for the"Buffalo Bellow" a newsletter of the Bubi & Inyati district. These articles were written by Petronella Goosen about her experiences in the Boer war etc. I would be happy to send copies to you.

Friday, 07 August 2015 22:24
yvonne Coersen-mulder


Ik ben al geruime tijd bezig om enige informatie over mijn opa te krijgen. Mijn opa is Berend Horlings en nu zie ik vol verbazing zijn naam hier op uw site. alles klopt zijn geboorte en overlijdens datum zijn werk en dat hij in Amsterdam woonde. Ik zou het fijn vinden om meer over mijn opa te weet te komen. Er is namelijk een enorm grijs gebied in zijn verleden. niemand die mij er iets over kan of wil zeggen. In de tijd da ik mijn opa leerde kennen hebben wij altijd wel een band gehad maar over het verleden zijn verschillende verhalen. Ik ben zelf geboren in 1965 en tot aan zijn sterfdatum heb ik hem mee gemaakt.

Vriendelijke groet Yvonne Coersen Mulder

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 16:10
Albertus Johannes Goosen


Popular : Evert Louwe Goosen

At VI.66 Albertus Johannes Goosen

     3. Dominicus Goosen

      He was My Father, died on 13-01-1963 in Zwolle

My mother, Geertruida Koek, died on 18-06-2005 in Zwolle

Dominicus Goosen had 3 children :

2 dochters ( exact names are following )

myself  : Albertus Johannes Goosen, born on 28-03-1945 in Kampen. ( Son)

I have married on 05-11-1971 with Petronella Jantina Blaauw , born on 22-03-1951 in N.O.P. , Holland.

We have 2 children :

Dominique Goosen, daughter, born on 18-12-1978 in Zwolle. Married on 22-08-2002 with Edwin Hendriks, born on 08-03-1977 in Zwolle.

Martijn Goosen, son, born on 25-03-1981 in Zwolle. Married on 23-05-2013 with Mariska Kingma, born on 13-05-1984 in Zaandam.

I hope you can change this data en i thank you in advance !!

A.J. Goosen te Zwolle



Wednesday, 08 July 2015 18:17


I am a descendant of Heinrich.  My great grandmother was the daughter of the second marriage of  V.6 Jacob D Goossen to Maria Foht.  My great grandmother, Katharina Goossen, was born at sea on the S.S. Selisia in 1874, the year of immigration to the U.S.  Katharina married Martin P Dickman (Duekman) at Mountain Lake, Minnesota, and settled at Marion, South Dakota.  Her father, V.6 Jacob D is buried in South Dakota and daughter Katharina is buried at Yankton, Turner County, S.D.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015 21:16

Hi there

I have no idea if I am somehow related to any of these people. However, my great grandfather was in the Anglo Boere war in the early 1900's

My grand father was from Frankfort. Sadly passed away 2 years ago.

Would be so nice to be able to know whether I am actually distant relatives of some of these people.

If there is someone that knew Theo Goosen, please get in touch.


Tuesday, 05 May 2015 09:56

Hello Patrick, 

I'm a descendant from Antonius Mossel, who married Johanna Jacobs Gosen.  I like your site very much, and I found interesting information about the Gosen side of the family that I didn't know. Thank you very much! 

Monday, 20 April 2015 17:58
Christiaan Goosen

good day my name is christiaan Goosen
I wanted to know more about the names
Antonie christoffel Goosen it has been handed down from father to first born son in my family 

Monday, 20 April 2015 16:26
MIke Lamusse

Hi Patrick,

Please email me at mikel@uskonet.com.  I have some observations/questions regarding family structures on your page at http://www.goosen.nu/index.php/continents/europe/belgium/6-jean-baptiste-goossen 


Mike Lamusse

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 14:05

The name Goosens appears in the family of my cousins who were descended from Vander Poorten originating from Lokeren. There is a lady  named Scholastica Goossens born in 1794 in Zele ,.She was daughter  of Zacharius Goossens (macon) and Seraphina Geeerink. She died in 24/5/1849. Can anyone provide further information ?

Saturday, 28 March 2015 18:29
johan smit

My vorige skrywe het ek n groot fout gemaak met die inskrywing
My ouma was wilhelmina adriana(adrijana)goosen b 7-10-1909 d29-10-1999 haar pa willem adriaan goosen (hier raai ek oor sy datums b 1850 d 1922 tvl x magdalena catharina sussana wilhelmina janse(n) van rensburg ca 1875 ,sy het n boetie nicolaas(johannes stephanus) goosen b 1890 en n sussie dorothea (cornelia) goosen b 1893 d 9-10-1928 jhb hul ma was na my mening maria gertruida opperman b ca 1857 d 28-8-1901 irene kamp .
My vraag is wie was willem adriaan goosen se ouers en is my feite reg .help asseblief

Thursday, 26 February 2015 19:11
Tracy- Lee Harris

My Ouma was Petronella ( affectionately known as Nellie) Goosen. Nellie married Swanepoel and was widowed with three children; Shirley, Patsy and Louise who changed her name to Caroline. I am Caroline's daughter. Nellie then married a Joubert and had Jac and Leone. They lived at Lonely Mine, Bubi District. I was wondering what was Ouma Nellie's fathers name. I think his name was Samuel Goosen? And was he Christoffel Jacobas Goosen's son? My Ouma's mothers name was also Petronella Goosen. Does anybody know her maiden name and names of her parents. I think her maiden name was Oberholzer?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 11:08
Nicolette Adriana Goosen

I'm so glad finding Goosen families here. I'm trying to get info on my family, but up to now there was no luck. My grandfather was Nicolaas Adriaan Goosen. He lived in Somerset East ( Eastern Cape) South Africa. His father was Hendrik Jacobus Goosen als known as Tot. Is there anyone that can help me on information on where my family tree starts. Love to here from all.

Monday, 09 February 2015 12:05

Ek is besig om my ma se kant van die stamboom te voltooi. Sy was 'n nooi Goosen. Ek kry egter geen inligting wat die stamboom verder vat as my Goosen oupa en ouma.
Hy was Adriaan Johannes Goosen (17 Feb 1860 tot 23 Desember 1929) en getroud met Mathilda Louisa Van Niekerk (17 Nov 1886 tot 2 Maart 1943) Hulle het 8 kinders gehad; Miemie, Jan, Richard Davis, Attie, Mathilda (Tillie) (my ma), Tannetjie, Adrie en Piet. Hulle het in die omgewing van Ermelo en nader aan Swaziland geboer. Ek sal enige inligting opraap.

Friday, 02 January 2015 03:01
Ockie Goosen

In 1687 kom Jean Baptiste Goosen na die Kaap. Op 13\7\1698 is hy met Elisabeth Viant getroud.Hul het op Stellebosch gaan woon waar hy as skoenmakerskneg gewerk het.Uit die huwelik is drie seuns gebore nl.Adrianus(jonk oorlede), Cornelis en Elias.In 1699 het W.A.v.d.Stel sy vader as goewerneur opgevolg en veeboerdery aangemoedig.Hy het weilisensies uitgereik en Cornelis het hom toe anderkant die Roodezandkloof in Het Land van Waveren as veeboer gaan vestig.Cornelis is op 26\6\1729 met Wilhelmina Hendrina Berkman getroud.Hulle het 10 kinders gehad , maar die helfte is jonk oorlede.Twee seuns, Willem getroud met Sara Gous, en Johannes Cornelis getroud met Magdalena Malherbe, kon die familienaam laat voortleef.Voor die geboorte van hul eerste seun, Willem, het Cornelis twee buite- egtelike seuns by Apollonia van de Kaap gehad nl.Cornelis getroud met Eva Valentynse v.d.Kaap, en Johannes getroud met Sannatjie v.d.Kaap.Hul nageslag kom veral op die Kaapsevlakte voor. Die Ooskaapse Goosens stam van Cornelis en Wilhelmina se oudste seun, Willem, af. Johannes Cornelis se nageslag word in die Boland en Namakwaland aangetref.Willem Goosen en Sara Gous het 10 kinders gehad.Twee is jonk oorlede, maar die res het elk n groot nageslag nagelaat.Ses van hul kinders is met Bothas en twee met Nels op die oosgrens getroud.Teen 1780 het voorste trekboere hul langs die Visrivier gevestig.Die veeboere het dus trekboere geword.Die leenpagstelsel het elke veeboer toegelaat om n plaas van tussen 2000 en 3000 hektaar teen die betaling van 12 riksdaalders per jaar te gaan afpen.Uit die Land van Waveren is al langs die Breerivier getrek en toe tussen die see en die Langeberge ooswaarts tot by die huidige George waar digte woude en bosse hul pad versper het.Daar is toe oor die berge na die Kango in die Klein karoo tot by die Gamtoosrivier getrek.Die voorste trekke was al oor die Sondagsrivier.Teen 1775 het Willem Goosen en sy seun,Cornelis, hulle by Bruintjieshoogte, n streek tussen die huidige Pearston en Somerset- Oos, gevestig.Uiteindelik het die ooswaartse trek tot stilstand gekom toe dit deur die suidwaartse trek v.d. Xhosas gestuit word.In 1778 word die Groot-Visrivier as oosgrens v.d.Kolonie vasgestel.Hier word die veeboer- trekboer toe n grensboer. n Nuwe distrik, Graaff - Reinet, is in 1786 gestig. Dit was die woongebied van ons voorgeslag.Die pionier-grensboer was verplig om sy eie huis te bou, huisraad te maak, wa self te bou of in stand te hou, oorleer en sole self te looi om velskoene te maak.Sy vrou was die kleremaakster en sy het gekook, gebak, geslag, seep gekook en kerse gemaak.Rondtrekkende skoolmeesters het die kinders onderrig om te lees, te skryf en te reken.(Die volgende tekens gaan vir wat volg gebruik word: *gebore, =gedoop, +oorlede, #getroud).Stamvader: Willem Goosen =5\11\1730 #Sara Gous =21\8\1729. Tien kinders.Maria Josina = 27\7\1749. Jonk oorlede; Willem = 26\4\1752. Jonk oorlede; Pieter Johannes =1754 #6 \12\1785 Anna Botha =17/4/1768 (sewe kinders nl.) Willem Johannes =14\9\1786 #Elsie Johanna Lombard; Dorothea Cornelia =27\10\1788 #Hendrik Petrus Lombard; Sara Margaretha Elisabeth =26\11\1797 #Petrus Stephanus Erasmus; Pieter Nicolaas =26\12\1802 #Elsje Cornelia Botha; Anna Catharina Susanna =20\5\1805 #Petrus Hendrik Botha; Johanna Martha Josina =5\10\1806 #Johannes Andries Stydom; Hendrik Johannes Christoffel =26\12\1809 #Isabella Elisabeth Goosen. Nicolaas *26\6\1755 #28\2\1787 Anna Margaretha Nel. (Ses kinders nl.) Willem Adriaan =5\4\1789 #Gertruida Elisabeth Bothma; Anna Catharina =5\4\1789; Sara =6\1\1791; Pieter Hendrik =18\11\1792 #Sibella Elisabeth Goosen; Anna Catharina Margaretha =18\9\1796; Nicolaas Johannes Albertus =4\3\1804 #Anna Maria Bruwer. Ockert =1\4\1759 +20\5\1839 #4\1\1789 Sibella Elisabeth Botha ##7\6\1795 Anna Margaretha Botha =4\6\1780 +19\6\1948.( Drie en tien kinders): CorneliaMargaretha =4\9\1791; Willem =1\4\\1793; Sibella Elisabeth =9\8\1795 #17\10\1813 Pieter Hendrik Goosen; Anna Susanna Margaretha #Johannes Hendrik v.d.Vyver; Sara Catharina =17\11\1797 #Marthinus Johannes Lombard; Dorothea Magdalena =7\4\1799; Ockert Johannes =22\6\1800 #Dorothea Magdalena Josina Botha =10\6\1805; Pieter Barendse =26\12\1802 #Anna Gesina Lombard; Willem Jacobus =15\4\1804; Christoffel Jacobus Francois =3\7\1809 #Isabella Jacomina Lombard; Johanna Maria *14\9\1811 #Johannes Hermanus Bosch; Nicolaas Gerrit Johannes *4\10\1814; Johannes Albertus *22\6\1820.Gerrit *5\5\1761 #25\10\1789 CatharinaMaria Botha =27\10\1774 (veertien kinders) nl.:Cornelia Margaretha Bosch; Willem Johannes *5\6\1794 #Maria Helena Charlotte Froneman; Theunis Christoffel =14\2\1795; Catharina Maria =29\7\1798 #Johannes Hermanus Bosch; NicolaasJohannes Albertus =4\3\1804; Christoffel Jacobus =4\3\1804 #Hester Antoinette Janse van Rensburg; Daniel Stephanus *29\3\1805 #Elsje Johanna Cornelia Lombard; Gerrit Pieter =1806 #Catharina Margaretha Prinsloo ##Anna Lombard ;Michiel =1807 #Elisabeth van Heerden; Sara Isabella Johanna =4\7\1808 +1861 #Hans Jurgen Nel *13\3\1794; Martha Susanna =20\12\1810 # Marthinus Johannes Botha; Agatha Gertruida *12\8\1812 #Philip Rudolph Botha; Anna Johanna *14\ 12\1814; Gerrit Jacobus *20\1\1826 #Maria Elisabeth Mentz; Sara Cornelia =30\3\1766 #14\10\1787 Pieter Barend Botha =15\4\1770; Anna Johanna =22\10\1769 #25\10\1789 Pieter Willem Nel; Martha Susanna =15\3\1772 #12\2\1792 Christoffel Jacobus Botha; Dorothea Magdalena *16\9\1774 #2\11\1800 Theunis Chritoffel Botha.Ons voorouers het maar taamlik in die bondel getrou, want jongmense het net by geleenthede soos nagmaal, huwelike en begrafnisse met hul eie en aangetroude familie kennis gemaak.Die Goosenfamilie van die Ooskaap het, net soos ander ou families, ‘n persentasie gekleurde bloed in hul are.Dit is veral afkomstig van Christoffel Snyman, seun v.d. vrygestelde slaaf Anthony van Bengale.Christoffel Snyman en Marguerite de Savoye se kinders het elk n groot nageslag nagelaat.Sy bloed is veral deur sy dogters, Maria Magdalena en Johanna, aan die Goosens oorgedra. Hulle was onderskeidelik met Theunis Botha en Anthonie Lombard getroud.Cornelis Goosen en Wilhelmina Berkman se nageslag het hulle in die volgende gebiede gevestig: Willem Goosen en Sara Gous se kinders en hul nageslag:- Graaff-Reinet, Somerset-Oos, Cradock, Queenstown, Bedford, Grahamstown en Uithenhage.(Oos-Kaapland).Johannes Goosen en Magdalena Malherbe se kinders en nageslag:- Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Tulbagh, Swartland, Namakwaland.(Boland en Namakwaland).

Monday, 15 December 2014 10:03
gideon willem joubert goosen

Lezell powell goosen as dit waar is dat jy dink jy is my half sussie sal ek love om met jou in kontak te kom ek werk tans in mpumalanga as gids by n adveture company en volgende jaar as beraader by hoerskool kontak my by originalplaasjapie@gmail.com hope to see u soon

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 21:08
gideon willem joubert goosen

Hey lezell powell goosen ek het gesien jy dink ek is miskien jou half boetie dit sal cool wees as jy is ek weet nie hoe om jou te kontak nie het face book en alles probeer my email is originalplaasjapie@gmail.com as jy wil kontak maak ek wag om van jou te hoor hehe ek sien my oom corrie is op die popular lys eish as mense ma net geweet het hoe dit was om sy boetie en baas van hull gang se seun te wees yes al daai storys is waar maar johan my pa en corrie was awesome ouens ek lief hul baie jammer dat famielie opgebreuk het na pa se dood as enige ander family in kontak wil kom feel free love you all lives good and God is great love Jesus always mwha

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 20:58
Ockert Goosen

I enjoyed reading about all the Goosens in all the different countries.I am busy updating the history of the family from the arrival of Jean-Baptiste untill the settlement on the eastern border of the colony along the Fish River.

Sunday, 12 October 2014 22:12
Sandi Goosen

Hello! Our 'clan' of Goosen's are from South Africa (my Husband's family).

I can give you the family names if you'd like?

I would be interested to know if there are links to/how they fit into the rest of the Goosens world-wide.

Warm regards,
Sandi Goosen

Friday, 10 October 2014 17:21
Wynand Goosen

Hi, I would like to know more of the origin of the Goosens coming from Zeerust and later Krugersdorp?

Sunday, 14 September 2014 22:25
johan chrisiaan smit

Verskoon die vorige post,my ouma was adrijana (adriana)wilhelmina goosen,sy het vertel haar pa was willem adriaan goosen en haar ma magdalena catharina susanna wilhelmina jansen van rooyen.sy het ook vertel dat haar ma in die konsentrasie kamp oorlede is ,dit beteken sy moes ook daar gewees.sy is in 1999 oorlede ,en. Wat ons kon onthou het sy gese sy was 6 jaar oud in die kamp.my probleem,die willem adriaan wat deur cyndi s list in die kamp was het n ander vrou gehad?maar die een seun en een dogter ,nicolaas en debora is die name van my ouma se boetie en sussie.sy het ook stief boeties gehad.wie was willem adriaan se ouers.ek soek hulp aseblief ,my ouma het toe getrou met joachim marthinus pretorius.dit lyk my daardie tyd het baie mense net verdwyn

Saturday, 30 August 2014 16:15
Leslie Brosens

Dear Patrick,

I'm conducting a study for the museum of Hoogstraten (Belgium) on Belgian Emigrants (1880-1930) and I'm focussing on the GOOSSENS family from my hometown. Is it possible to bring me into contact with American descendents from Cornelius, Constant, Julia or Joanne (Josie) who left for Michigan. I could provide you with info of the Belgian brand of the familytree. Kind regards, Leslie

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 15:08

Hi, Michael Goosen , born 20-03-1970, (Zimbwe) has a son. Albert Thorsbrink Goosen.

Sunday, 06 July 2014 00:36

Wonder if I have any goosen relation. there is a mention in a far book on my family tree. herman520sodokolov@gmail.com

Sunday, 08 June 2014 18:13
Duke Goosen

Does anyone have a family tree of the Goosen family in South Africa?

Thursday, 05 June 2014 10:49
victor and glennda goosen

Goosens from saskatchewan my grandfather was frank russell goosen. My father is russell frank goosen. Im victor lyle goosen. I know I shouldve been frank russell goosrn

Sunday, 18 May 2014 05:16

Hi, Im looking for information about my grandparents: James Selkirk Goosen born 25/07/1931 and died 17/09/1974 and Marina Jubilee Goosen born 05/05/1935 and died 22/09/1979. I have no other information.

Monday, 12 May 2014 12:40
Annastasia Norma Goosen Kriel

Monday, 24 March 2014 23:11
Peter Bayliss Clarke

My Gr, Great Grandfather Bejamin James Jeffery married Sophia Magdalena Goosen in the 1880's in the eastern Cape possibly Queenstown

Saturday, 08 March 2014 19:10
Chris Goosen

Also a Goosen from Kleinsee -1947 to 1987 . For those thats is interested in the Goosen's that worked on the diamond mine feel free to contact me

Saturday, 08 February 2014 17:51
Trish Goosen

Hi, me again. I introduced myself and my husband Alwyn at the beginning of last year. Alwyn is originally form Kleinzee (Northen Cape, South Africa). I also mentioned that a little Goosen was due in September last year. I had a miscarriage, but luckily was pregnant again soon after. Adriaan Louis Goosen was born on 21 December 2013, a beautiful little healthy boy.

Friday, 07 February 2014 20:29
Lorretta Goosen

Children of Keith Goosen 27 (IV7)
Marshal Goosen - Kevin Goosen and Jillian Goosen

Friday, 10 January 2014 07:35
Karen Gossen, Smeed

I am a descendant in the Heinrich Goosen family, so I'm curious as to whether I'm assuming correctly that Abraham Goosen may be a brother of Heinrich. I don't have any info re. Heinrich's earlier history other than his birth and location. I would appreciate help with this. Thank you.

Monday, 06 January 2014 02:01
Hein Goosen

Hi To all the Goosens in the world!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:24
Jason Goossens

Henrick Goossens married Katalijn Veerkens. Henrick is my father's father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's, father's father. (Henrick, Born 1293 - Died 136 (Katalijn, Born 1303 - Died 1377). Who is Henrick Goossens Children ?

Sunday, 25 August 2013 13:30
Michelle Goosen Stafford

I am the Great Grand Daughter of the late Pieter Nicholas Goosen d.o.b. 10 April 1887,who relocated to Mazeppa Bay/Manyube, who was the son of Jacob & Louisa Goosen, who used to reside in Ugie. My granny was Kathleen (Baby) Goosen & my dad was Cyril Goosen.

Friday, 16 August 2013 11:59
Dawn Manuel (nee Goosen)

Hi to all the Goosens out there.
I am the granddaughter of William Walter Henry Goosen, William Walter Henry Goosen married Emily Maria Accom, who resided in Ugie/Maclear.
Would love to know if any Goosens out there knew my grandparents.
Carl Goosen mentioned about Goosen's from Maclear. Carl's entry was made on 26May 2012.
Carl would love to know whether you knew my grandparents or knew of them.

Tuesday, 04 June 2013 12:29
Peter Bayliss Clarke

My Grandfather Benjamin James Jeffery's Father married Mary Sophia Magdalena Goosen in Cathcart, South Africa in 1885, trying to find children names and info

Saturday, 11 May 2013 21:19
Tertius Goosen

I am looking for information to track my fathers genealogy he was born in 1942 Pieter Adriaan Goosen, his dad was Petrus Adriaan Goosen married to Femigje Goosen, his grand dad Samuel Antonie Martinus Goosen. All help will be appreciated.

Thursday, 21 March 2013 04:59
Joyce Uray

I am the great grand daughter of Seraphim Eugene Clement Van Hove (De Hove) and Eliza Vyane -both from Belgium - lived in Nord de Calais before migrating to London England. Their son Richard (great Uncle) became a British citizen and gave as a referree his cousin Archbishop Petrus Goosen (also Cardinal - Belgium) Can anyone help me regarding the connection with Goosen/Van Hove or Vyane please as I am at a complete loss to find and information,
With kind regards Joyce

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 23:03
Martin Goosen

Seun van Awie Goosen en kleinseun van Maatjan Goosen

Monday, 18 March 2013 16:16
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