Male descendants of Abraham Geerard GOOSEN

I.1    Abraham Geerard GOOSEN, born on 06-11-1886 in Nieuwerkerk, died on 15-12-1948 in Den Haag at the age of 62.
Married at the age of 24 on 03-11-1911 in Den Haag to Pieternella van HEEL, 26 years old, born on 22-02-1885 in Gorinchem, died on 23-11-1951 in Den Haag at the age of 66, daughter of Albertus van HEEL and Pieternella van HARSEL.
From this marriage:
   1.  Abraham Geerard GOOSEN (see also II.1).

II.1    Abraham Geerard GOOSEN, born on 24-08-1915, died on 08-02-1973 in Den Haag at the age of 57.
Married to Wilhelmina STORK, born on 13-04-1916, died on 23-11-1977 in Den Haag at the age of 61, daughter of Bertus Jacobus Cornelis STORK and Wilhelmina van der BURG.
From this marriage:
   1.  Gerard Abraham GOOSEN (see also III.1).

III.1    Gerard Abraham GOOSEN, born on 25-12-1949.
Married at the age of 23 on 29-11-1973 in Rijswijk ZH to Maria Christina KOEZE, 21 years old, born on 02-01-1952, daughter of Benjamin KOEZE and Odina Maria NOTEBOOM.
From this marriage:
   1.  Barry GOOSEN, born on 12-04-1983.


Patrick Goosen

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