Male descendants of Willem GOOSEN

I.1    Willem GOOSEN.
Married to Maria GEGIES.
From this marriage:
   1.  Hendrik GOOSEN (see also II.1).

II.1    Hendrik GOOSEN, Werkman en schutter, born 1806.
Married on 24-05-1837 in Amsterdam to Femmina TEUNISSEN, Werkster, daughter of Willem TEUNISSE(N) and Maria van den BROEK.
From this marriage:
   1.  Willem GOOSEN (see also III.1).

III.1    Willem GOOSEN, Schilder, born on 14-03-1836 in Amsterdam, died on 03-09-1908 in Amsterdam at the age of 72.
Married to Maria Paulina BLOK, born on 03-03-1843 in Amsterdam, died on 01-05-1901 in Amsterdam at the age of 58.
From this marriage:
   1.  Willem GOOSEN, born on 04-04-1864 in Amsterdam.
   2.  Maria Adeleida Johanna (Tante Marie) GOOSEN, born on 30-06-1866 in Amsterdam, died on 06-07-1944 in Den Haag at the age of 78.
Married to Hendrik (Oom Hein) van HALL.
   3.  Hendrik GOOSEN (see also IV.4).
   4.  Gerrit Jan GOOSEN (see also IV.6).
   5.  GOOSEN, born on 17-04-1878 at 03:30 in Amsterdam, died on 17-04-1878 at 03:30 in Amsterdam.

IV.4    Hendrik GOOSEN, born on 25-02-1869 in Amsterdam.
Married at the age of 32 on 22-05-1901 in Amsterdam to Catharina Maria Geertruida (Maria) STEENMAN, born 1870, daughter of Jan STEENMAN and Maria PLATTE.
From this marriage:
   1.  Hendrik GOOSEN, born 1896, died on 05-08-1964 in Amsterdam, buried on 10-08-1964 in Amsterdam.
Married to R.C. (Cor) van het GROENEWOUD.

IV.6    Gerrit Jan GOOSEN, Schilder, born on 17-04-1878 at 03:00 in Amsterdam, died 1950.
Married (1) to Hendrina RAUCH, born on 12-05-1870 in Nieuweramstel, died on 20-04-1928 in Den Haag at the age of 57.
Married (2) to Karolina MAIBACH, born on 29-04-1896 in Wernbarn, died on 10-03-1986 at the age of 89.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Gerrit Jan GOOSEN, Los Werkman, born on 06-10-1904 in Amsterdam, died on 17-11-1950 in Den Haag at the age of 46.
   2.  Hendricus GOOSEN (see also V.4).
   3.  Marinus Johannes GOOSEN, born on 05-11-1909 in Den Haag, died on 18-04-1994 in Veldhoven at the age of 84.
Married to Anny KLESATSCHKE.

From the second marriage:
   4.  Karol GOOSEN, born on 10-05-1932, died on 16-04-1994 in Zoetermeer at the age of 61.
Married 1960 to Anita HUIZING.
   5.  Willibrordus Gerardus (Wil) GOOSEN (see also V.10).
   6.  Maria G. (Riet) GOOSEN, born 19??
Married to P.A.M. (Piet) HAZEVELD.

V.4    Hendricus GOOSEN, born on 21-09-1907 in Den Haag, died on 25-11-1977 in Eindhoven at the age of 70.
Married to Petronella HAZEWINDUS, born on 22-11-1910 in Heerlen, died on 10-03-1988 in Eindhoven at the age of 77.
From this marriage:
   1.  Hendrina (Rina) GOOSEN, born on 02-12-1930 in Geldrop.
Married at the age of 21 on 16-05-1952 in Eindhoven to Gerrit VD MEER, 30 years old, born on 13-12-1921 in Amsterdam.
   2.  Jan GOOSEN (see also VI.3).
   3.  Menke GOOSEN, born on 04-02-1937 in Eindhoven, died on 03-05-1981 in Eindhoven at the age of 44.
Married to George HENDRICKX.
   4.  Gerrit Jan GOOSEN (see also VI.7).
   5.  Petronella GOOSEN, born on 06-11-1946 in Eindhoven.

VI.3    Jan GOOSEN, born on 17-05-1933 in Geldrop.
Married at the age of 23 on 14-11-1956 in Eindhoven to Petronella van MEURS, 22 years old, born on 22-03-1934 in Eindhoven.
From this marriage:
   1.  Ir Robbert (Rob) GOOSEN, born on 06-12-1959 in Eindhoven.
Married at the age of 38 on 22-06-1998 in Vlissingen to Tumaini BROWN CHANAFI, 31 years old, born on 09-09-1966 in Njombe (Tanzania).
   2.  Silvia GOOSEN, born on 10-04-1963 in Eindhoven.

VI.7    Gerrit Jan GOOSEN, born on 01-07-1943 in Eindhoven.
Married to Jacoba van GERVEN, born on 10-08-1942 in Rotterdam.
From this marriage:
   1.  Mark GOOSEN (see also VII.4).
   2.  Drs Marleen GOOSEN, born on 27-03-1973 in Eindhoven.
Living together in Valkenswaard to Martin SLOOF.

VII.4    Mark GOOSEN, born on 11-03-1967 in Eindhoven.
   1.  Devon GOOSEN, born on 03-08-1994 in Eindhoven.
   2.  Aislinn GOOSEN, born on 27-02-1996 in Eindhoven.

V.10    Willibrordus Gerardus (Wil) GOOSEN, born on 10-07-1933 in Den Haag.
Married to Joke van LIESHOUT.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilbrord (Wil) GOOSEN (see also VI.10).
   2.  Erik GOOSEN, born on 13-12-1962 in Leimuiden.
Married at the age of 36 on 23-06-1999 in Wassenaar to Marjolein MOL, 31 years old, born on 23-07-1967 in Amsterdam.
   3.  Gijsbert (Gijs) GOOSEN (see also VI.14).

VI.10    Wilbrord (Wil) GOOSEN, born on 13-10-1961.
Married to Renee KAEMPER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Naut GOOSEN, born on 07-06-1996.

VI.14    Gijsbert (Gijs) GOOSEN, born on 25-06-1964.
Married to Martien BLANKER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Floris GOOSEN.
   2.  Pelle GOOSEN.


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