Male descendants of Johannes Martinus GOOSEN

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I.1    Johannes Martinus GOOSEN.
Married to Maria Geertruida BOERS, died on 01-06-1837 in Amersfoort.
From this marriage:
   1.  Gerhardus Henricus GOOSEN (see also II.1).

II.1    Gerhardus Henricus GOOSEN, born in Deventer, died on 01-06-1858 in Rotterdam.
Married to Cecilia van DALEN, born in Oosterhout, died on 06-09-1896 in Rotterdam.
From this marriage:
   1.  Josephus Gerhardus GOOSEN, born on 31-08-1839 in Rotterdam.
   2.  Hendrika Maria Geertruida GOOSEN, born on 14-10-1840 in Rotterdam.
   3.  Maria Cornelia Petronella GOOSEN, born on 19-08-1842 in Rotterdam, died on 13-09-1850 in Rotterdam at the age of 8.
   4.  Wilhelmus Adrianus GOOSEN, born on 16-04-1844 in Rotterdam.
   5.  Anna Cecilia GOOSEN, born on 12-08-1846 in Rotterdam, died on 17-03-1911 in Rotterdam at the age of 64.
Married to Hermanus van OIJEN, born on 13-12-1849 in Rotterdam, died on 20-06-1927 in Rotterdam at the age of 77.
   6.  Cornelia Maria GOOSEN, born on 16-09-1849 in Rotterdam, died on 28-12-1907 in Rotterdam at the age of 58.
   7.  Gerhardus Henricus GOOSEN, born on 02-03-1852 in Rotterdam, died on 05-03-1852 in Rotterdam, 3 days old, 3 dagen oud.
   8.  Gerhardus Henricus GOOSEN, born on 18-04-1853 in Rotterdam, died on 05-09-1854 in Rotterdam at the age of 1.
   9.  Maria Hendrika Cecilia GOOSEN, born on 04-05-1856 in Rotterdam, died on 24-07-1921 in Rotterdam at the age of 65.

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