Male descendants of Gerhard GOOSEN

I.1    Gerhard GOOSEN, born on 23-07-1833 in South Russia (religion: Mennonite). They left Hierschau, South Russia in 1873 for America and
settled in the Marion-Freeman community with their family .
Married to Agatha PETERS, born on 17-12-1841 in Landskorn (religion: Mennonite). Could have been born Sept 5, 1941 Batch 820464 Sheet Source 820464, daughter of Johann Aron PETERS, Farmer, and Margareta LOEWEN, Mother.
From this marriage:
   1.  John GOOSEN.
   2.  Frank GOOSEN.
   3.  Agatha GOOSEN. Agatha married Peter and moved to Wolfpoint, Montana. They
spent their years in farming . In their later years the Pete
Fasts retired in Freeman, S.D.
Married to Peter.
   4.  Gerhard GOOSEN (see also II.5).
   5.  Aaron GOOSEN.
   6.  Peter GOOSEN.
   7.  Katie GOOSEN.
Married to BONIN.
   8.  Abram GOOSEN.
Married to UNNAMED.

II.5    Gerhard GOOSEN. Better known as George. He immigrated to America in 1873(4) with
his parents and settled in the Marion-Freeman community. In
this community he spent the rest of his life. Together with his
parents he endured the hardships of the early settlers such as
no roads, poverty, grasshoppers, plagues, droughts, blizzards of
the open prairies.
George spent his days farming. He also did some custom threshing
for extra income.
They had twelve children and adopted one neice.
Married to Gertrude PLETT.
From this marriage:
   1.  David GOOSEN (see also III.1).
   2.  Barnard GOOSEN (see also III.3).
   3.  Abe GOOSEN (see also III.5).
   4.  Agatha GOOSEN. Got married and moved to Wolfpoint, MT. They spent their years
in farming. They retired to Freeman, SD.
Married to Pete FAST.
   5.  George GOOSEN (see also III.9).
   6.   Aron GOOSEN. They spent their earlier years farming at Onida. Then moving to
Huron, SD he worked in the Packing Plant and later went ot
landscaping and garden plowing.
Married to Sara WIPF.
   7.  Peter GOOSEN (see also III.13).
   8.  Sara GOOSEN. The first one to leave the family circle and went to her eternal
   9.  Mary GOOSEN. Spent a good part of her life as a press operator in a dry
cleaning plant.
   10.  John GOOSEN (see also III.17).
   11.  Jacob GOOSEN (see also III.19).
   12.  Linda GOOSEN. Spent most of her time in laboratory work. She took her
training at the Sioux Valley Hospital and worked there for five
years. Then she went to the Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des
Moines, IA and was in the blood bank 22 years after which she
retired to Onida, SD.
   13.  Margaret GOOSEN. After farming a few years at Garretson, SD they moved to colorado Springs, CO.
Married to Warren KOCH.

III.1    David GOOSEN, born on 11-04-1914, died on 28-01-2007 at the age of 92. They settled near Savage, MT and spent their years in farming.
They retired to Glendive, MT.
Married at the age of 27 on 10-10-1941 to Gladys BULLER, 19 years old, born on 28-04-1922.
From this marriage:
   1.  Roger Dean GOOSEN (see also IV.1).
   2.  Sandra Lee GOOSEN. Left the family circle at a very tender age going home to glory.
   3.  Charlotte GOOSEN.
Married to Ronald Jerry BULLER.
   4.  Lavona Mae GOOSEN.
Married to Larry Wayne BROWN.
   5.  Patricia Ann GOOSEN.
Married to Weldon YODER.
   6.  Laura Jean GOOSEN.
Married to Leonard MILLER.

IV.1    Roger Dean GOOSEN, born on 09-04-1943.
Married (1) to Carrie Lee HAMMER.
Married (2) to Sue.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Michelle GOOSEN.
   2.  Penny GOOSEN.
Married to Ben.

III.3    Barnard GOOSEN, born on 02-12-1915 in Marion, South Dakota, died on 23-08-2007 in Sidney, Australia at the age of 91. They spent their years farming near Richey, MT.
Married at the age of 24 on 01-09-1940 in Richey, Australia to Doris DECKERT, died 1996.
From this marriage:
   1.  Myrna Loy GOOSEN.
Married to Harold GILBERTSON.
   2.  Jerry Allen GOOSEN.
Married to Carole Jean BULLOD.
   3.  Norman Dale GOOSEN.
Married to JoAnn.
   4.  Maxine Renee GOOSEN.
Married to Ray HANEL.

III.5    Abe GOOSEN. They spent their time farming at Onida, SD, but soon left the
farm and moved to Piedmont, SD and took up carpenter work.
Married to Elizabeth HOFER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Dorothy GOOSEN.
Married to Jack NOWLIN.
   2.  George GOOSEN.
Married to Gale BALL.
   3.  Pete GOOSEN.
Married to Betty BROWDEN.

III.9    George GOOSEN. Their years were spent farming at Onida, SD.
Married to Adina KLEINSASSER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Gladys GOOSEN.
Married to Harvey UNRUH.
   2.  Agnes GOOSEN.
Married to Rueben NIEHOFF.
   3.  Leroy GOOSEN. Killed in the Korean War.
   4.  Elmer GOOSEN.
Married to Joan GLASSMAKER.
   5.  Donald GOOSEN.
   6.  Mary GOOSEN.
Married to John BEAUGHER.

III.13    Peter GOOSEN. They spent their first years doing road work. They came to the
old farm and farmed for some timeand retired to Fresno, CA.
Married to Julia THOMSON.
From this marriage:
   1.  Antia GOOSEN.
Married to Jim Roy ANDREE.

III.17    John GOOSEN. They farmed at Richey, MT then retired in Glendive, MT.
Married to Cydelia SCHMIDT.
From this marriage:
   1.  Delmar GOOSEN.
Married to Marilyn.
   2.  Mable Jane GOOSEN.
Married to Bud STEANKE.
   3.  Elaine Mary GOOSEN.
Married to Bruce OLDENBURG.

III.19    Jacob GOOSEN. They faarmed near Parker, SD.
Married to Mary FELSHEIM.
From this marriage:
   1.  Janice GOOSEN.
   2.  Darlene GOOSEN.
   3.  Delores GOOSEN.

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