Male descendants of Fredericus GOOSSENS

I.1    Fredericus GOOSSENS, born on 08-03-1840 in Hansbeke, Nevele, died on 14-10-1921 in Destelbergen at the age of 81.
Church marriage (1) at the age of 52 on 01-06-1892 in Ruddervoorde, Oostkamp to Rosalia CALLEWAERT, 42 years old, born on 19-05-1850 in Wingene, died on 21-07-1924 in Destelbergen at the age of 74, buried on 24-07-1924 in Melle.
Married (2) to Maria Philomena Ghislena van COPPENOLLE, born 1840.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Cyrillus GOOSSENS (see also II.1).

II.1    Cyrillus GOOSSENS, born on 25-10-1885 in Ruiselede, died on 21-04-1974 in Heusden, Destelbergen at the age of 88, buried on 25-04-1974 in Melle.
Married at the age of 34 on 19-05-1920 in Moortsele, Oosterzele, church marriage on 20-05-1920 in Moortsele, Oosterzele to Maria Hortensia van HECKE, 28 years old, born on 30-10-1891 in Moortsele, Oosterzele, died on 21-01-1977 in Gent at the age of 85, buried on 26-01-1977 in Melle.
From this marriage:
   1.  Germain Andreas Achillus GOOSSENS (see also III.1).
   2.  Oscar Germain August GOOSSENS (see also III.3).
   3.  Maurice Tripon GOOSSENS (see also III.5).
   4.  Marie Jose Therese GOOSSENS.
Married to Walter Cyriel Thomas AUMAN.
   5.  Jenny Marie Celine GOOSSENS.
Married to Leon Raymond Albert van VLAENDEREN.

III.1    Germain Andreas Achillus GOOSSENS.
Married to Antonie van CAEKENBERG.
From this marriage:
   1.  Gilbert Cyriel Rene GOOSSENS.
Married to Ann D'HONT.

III.3    Oscar Germain August GOOSSENS.
Married to Aline Marie de SMET.
From this marriage:
   1.  Erwin Cyriel Florimond GOOSSENS (see also IV.3).

IV.3    Erwin Cyriel Florimond GOOSSENS.
Married to Anny Margot Maurice de MEYER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Mario Oscar Julienne GOOSSENS.
   2.  Manuel Alfred Aline GOOSSENS.

III.5    Maurice Tripon GOOSSENS.
Married to Dionisia Maria BOONE.
From this marriage:
   1.  Ria Bertha Cyrille GOOSSENS.
   2.  Ivan Leon Frederik GOOSSENS.

Patrick Goosen

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