Male descendants of GOOSSENS

Married to TORNÉ.
From this marriage:
   1.  Joanna Catharina Philomena GOOSSENS, born on 09-05-1911 in Breendonk, died on 31-03-1996 in Willebroek at the age of 84, buried on 04-04-1996 in Tisselt.
Church marriage in Breendonk to Philemon van SEGHBROECK, born on 09-11-1904 in Tisselt, died on 18-03-1968 in Leuven at the age of 63, buried on 22-03-1968 in Tisselt.
   2.  Melanie GOOSSENS, born on 26-04-1913 in Breendonk, died on 26-10-1971 in Breendonk at the age of 58.
Church marriage at the age of 26 on 26-08-1939 in Breendonk to Lodewijk Amaat DENS, 26 years old, born on 04-07-1913 in Tisselt, christened on 06-07-1913 in Tisselt, died 2010.
   3.  Herman GOOSSENS (see also II.5).
   4.  Franciscus GOOSSENS, born on 05-01-1923 in Breendonk, died on 22-09-1984 in Puurs at the age of 61, buried in Breendonk.
Married to Carola van OPSTAL.

II.5    Herman GOOSSENS, born on 23-10-1919 in Breendonk, died on 18-01-2009 in Puurs at the age of 89, buried on 24-01-2009 in Puurs.
Married to Maria LEMMENS, born on 05-12-1919 in Breendonk, died on 02-09-2008 in Puurs at the age of 88, buried on 08-09-2008 in Breendonk.
From this marriage:
   1.  Eveline GOOSSENS.
Married to Andre Gustaaf Louis VEREECKEN.
   2.  Alfons GOOSSENS (see also III.3).
   3.  Ludo GOOSSENS.
Married to Frida de VELDER.
   4.  Bert GOOSSENS (see also III.7).
   5.  Lieve GOOSSENS.
Married to Jozef GOOSSENS.
   6.  Denise GOOSSENS.
Married to Jan SCHEERS.

III.3    Alfons GOOSSENS.
Married to Anita JANKOWSKI.
From this marriage:
   1.  Alain GOOSSENS.
Married (1) to Karen de BOECK.
Married (2) to Tanja GROENEWEGEN.
   2.  Kathleen GOOSSENS.
Married to Jochen COOREMANS.
   3.  Christel GOOSSENS.
Married (1) to Serge BREUCKELAERS.
Married (2) to Cedric LINDEN.

Married to Cecile VERMUYTEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Kurt GOOSSENS (see also IV.9).
   2.  Cindy GOOSSENS.
Married to Jacky SNIJDERS.

IV.9    Kurt GOOSSENS.
Married to Valerie VEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Gino GOOSSENS.

Patrick Goosen

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