Male descendants of Petrus Antoinus GOOSSENS

I.1    Petrus Antoinus GOOSSENS, born 1868 in Kapellen op den Bos.
Married to Leonia de BRAEKELEER, born 1866 in Opdorp.
From this marriage:
   1.  Adolf GOOSSENS, born on 17-11-1893 in Willebroek, died on 07-02-1894 in Willebroek, 82 days old.
   2.  Adolf Romaan GOOSSENS, born on 27-01-1895 in Willebroek, died on 18-02-1897 in Willebroek at the age of 2.
   3.  Joanna Catharina GOOSSENS, born on 27-11-1896 in Willebroek, died on 26-12-1973 in Willebroek at the age of 77, buried on 28-12-1973 in Willebroek.
Married to Lodewijk Arthur SEGHERS, born on 14-03-1894 in Willebroek, died on 08-01-1974 in Willebroek at the age of 79, buried on 10-01-1974 in Willebroek.
   4.  Maria GOOSSENS.
Married (1) to Richard KERREMANS.
Married (2) to Jozef PINTENS.

Patrick Goosen

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