Male descendants of Leopoldus GOOSSENS

I.1    Leopoldus GOOSSENS, born 1852 in 1902.
Married to Maria Elisabeth van SAELEN, born 1853 in 1902.
From this marriage:
   1.  Joannes Franciscus Constantinus GOOSSENS (see also II.1).
   2.  Ludovica Adelia GOOSSENS, born on 04-04-1888 in Ruisbroek, died on 13-01-1890 in Willebroek at the age of 1.
   3.  Joanna Catharina GOOSSENS, born on 02-12-1889 in Willebroek, died on 15-02-1890 in Willebroek, 75 days old.
   4.  Adelia GOOSSENS, born on 15-02-1891 in Willebroek, died on 17-03-1891 in Willebroek, 30 days old.
   5.  Desiderius GOOSSENS (see also II.6).
   6.  Frans Leonard GOOSSENS, born on 08-01-1896 in Willebroek, died on 22-02-1896 in Willebroek, 45 days old.

II.1    Joannes Franciscus Constantinus GOOSSENS, born on 08-03-1879 in Antwerpen.
Church marriage at the age of 22 on 25-01-1902 in Willebroek to Maria Josephina PEETERS, 22 years old, born on 04-10-1879 in Willebroek.
From this marriage:
   1.  Leopold Albert GOOSSENS, born on 18-11-1902 in Willebroek.
   2.  Paul GOOSSENS (see also III.2).
   3.  Elza GOOSSENS.
Married to Ernest LONCIN.
   4.  Gustaaf GOOSSENS, died 1999.
Married to Maria CUYCKENS, died 1999.

III.2    Paul GOOSSENS, born on 16-02-1912 in Puurs, died on 16-10-1991 in Bornem at the age of 79.
Married to Maria HOFMANS, born on 02-09-1911 in Puurs, died on 02-12-1999 in Puurs at the age of 88, buried on 09-12-1999 in Puurs.
From this marriage:
   1.  Alfons GOOSSENS (see also IV.1).
   2.  Martha GOOSSENS.
Married to Robert WILLEMANS, born on 25-04-1938 in Puurs, died on 30-12-2006 in Leuven at the age of 68, buried on 05-01-2007 in Kessel-Lo.
   3.  Mia GOOSSENS.
Married to Eric de JONGHE.

IV.1    Alfons GOOSSENS, born on 29-07-1943 in Bornem, died on 25-11-1977 in Antwerpen at the age of 34.
Married to Nelly BOSMAN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Katia GOOSSENS.

II.6    Desiderius GOOSSENS, born on 27-01-1894 in Willebroek, died on 07-01-1952 in Willebroek at the age of 57.
Married to Maria Catharina Francina VERBESSELT, born on 01-08-1897 in Willebroek.
From this marriage:
   1.  Victorina GOOSSENS, born on 18-06-1923 in Willebroek, died on 20-07-1978 in Hoboken at the age of 55.
Married to Francois DEBOUCK.
   2.  Frans GOOSSENS.
Married to de WIT.
   3.  GOOSSENS.
Married to Edmond SOMERS.
   4.  GOOSSENS.
Married to Alfons de SMEDT.

Patrick Goosen

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