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I.1    Petrus GOOSSENS (info via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

   1.  Joannes GOOSSENS (see also II.1).
   2.  Segerius GOOSSENS (see also II.3).
   3.  Laurentius GOOSSENS.

II.1    Joannes GOOSSENS.
Married to Anna WALRAVENS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Nicolaus GOOSSENS (see also III.1).
   2.  Margareta GOOSSENS.
   3.  Segerius GOOSSENS (see also III.4).
   4.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.

III.1    Nicolaus GOOSSENS.
Married to Cornelia EGGERICKX.
From this marriage:

   1.  Jan GOOSSENS (see also IV.1).
   2.  Segerius GOOSSENS (see also IV.3).
   3.  Henricus GOOSSENS (see also IV.5).
   4.  Margareta GOOSSENS.
Married to Anthoen Anthonijs GHYSELS, born in St. Pieters Leeuw, died 1585.

IV.1    Jan GOOSSENS, died 1519 in St. Martens, Lennik.
Married to Catharina de RIDDER.
From this marriage:

   1.  Zeger GOOSSENS (see also V.1).
   2.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
   3.  Catharina GOOSSENS.
Married 1538 to Diederikx Joost WALRAVENS.
   4.  Joanna GOOSSENS.
Married to Jan GIJSELS, born 1578, died on 13-11-1578 in St. Pieters.

V.1    Zeger GOOSSENS, died 1556.
Married to Barbara de DOBBELEER.
From this marriage:

   1.  Petrus GOOSSENS (see also VI.1).
   2.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
Married 1615 to Jan PIPENPOY van BOSSUYT, born 1553, died 09-1615 in St. Martens Lennik.
   3.  Catharina GOOSSENS.
   4.  Andreas GOOSSENS (see also VI.6).
   5.  Jan GOOSSENS (see also VI.8).

VI.1    Petrus GOOSSENS,
Married to Maria de RONGE.
From this marriage:

   1.  Matthias GOOSSENS (see also VII.1).
   2.  Barbara GOOSSENS.
Married to Hubrecht van CUTSEM.
   3.  Maria GOOSSENS.
   4.  Joannes GOOSSENS.

VII.1    Matthias GOOSSENS.
Married to Anna de DOBBELEER.
From this marriage:

   1.  Petrus GOOSSENS (see also VIII.1).
   2.  Egidius GOOSSENS.
   3.  Stephanus GOOSSENS.
   4.  Maria GOOSSENS.
   5.  Petrus GOOSSENS.
   6.  Augustinus GOOSSENS.

VIII.1    Petrus GOOSSENS.
Married to Emerentiana van ZUENE.
From this marriage:

   1.  Segerius GOOSSENS (see also IX.1).

IX.1    Segerius GOOSSENS.
Married to Anna de COSTER.
From this marriage:

   1.  Joannes GOOSSENS (see also X.1).
   2.  Petrus GOOSSENS.
   3.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
   4.  Petronella GOOSSENS.
   5.  Barbara GOOSSENS.

X.1    Joannes GOOSSENS.
Married to Barbara van der SMISSEN.
From this marriage:

   1.  Petrus GOOSSENS (see also XI.1).
   2.  Petronella GOOSSENS.
   3.  Segerius GOOSSENS.
   4.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
   5.  Petrus GOOSSENS.
   6.  Petrus GOOSSENS.
   7.  Barbara GOOSSENS.

XI.1    Petrus GOOSSENS.
Married to Maria Theresia van CUTSEM.
From this marriage:

   1.  Zacharias Petrus GOOSSENS (see also XII.1).
   2.  Zacharias Petrus GOOSSENS.
   3.  Anna Maria GOOSSENS.
   4.  Paulus GOOSSENS.
   5.  Joannes GOOSSENS.
   6.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
   7.  Joanna Petronella GOOSSENS.
   8.  Anna Catharina GOOSSENS.

XII.1    Zacharias Petrus GOOSSENS.
Married to Anna Catharina ROGGEMANS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Petronella GOOSSENS.
   2.  Caroline GOOSSENS.
   3.  Paulus GOOSSENS.
   4.  Maria Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
   5.  Maria Catharina GOOSSENS.
   6.  Egidius Josephus GOOSSENS.
   7.  Joanna Maria GOOSSENS.

VI.6    Andreas GOOSSENS.
Married to Joanna van der ELST.
From this marriage:

   1.  Barbara GOOSSENS.
Married to Jan van der BEKEN.
   2.  Joanne GOOSSENS.
Married to Zeger van LATHEM.
   3.  Zeger GOOSSENS.
Married to Anna van den BOSSCHE, born on 14-02-1622 in Asse.
   4.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
   5.  Wouter GOOSSENS.
   6.  Kathelijne GOOSSENS.
   7.  Gillis GOOSSENS.
Married in Asse to Elisabeth van MULDERS.

VI.8    Jan GOOSSENS, died 1596.
Married to Gertrudis OPHALFENS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Petrus GOOSSENS (see also VII.18).
   2.  Joannes GOOSSENS.
   3.  Anna GOOSSENS.
   4.  Jacoba (Jacqueline) GOOSSENS.
Married to Merten van der ELST.
   5.  Philippus GOOSSENS (see also VII.24).
   6.  Elisabeth GOOSSENS.

VII.18    Petrus GOOSSENS, born 1594, died 1637, aka Peeter.
Married 1594 to Catharina van LAETHEM, died 1640.
From this marriage:

   1.  Gertrudis GOOSSENS.
Married to Judocus van CUTSEM.
   2.  Segerius GOOSSENS.
   3.  Arnoldus GOOSSENS (see also VIII.11).
   4.  Petrus GOOSSENS.

VIII.11    Arnoldus GOOSSENS.
Married to Elisabeth de MUYLDER.
From this marriage:

   1.  Segerius GOOSSENS.
Married to Maria HUYGH.
   2.  Petrus GOOSSENS (see also IX.5).

IX.5    Petrus GOOSSENS.
Married to Maria CUERENS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Jacobus GOOSSENS (see also X.7).

X.7    Jacobus GOOSSENS.
Married 1703 to Martina OPHALVENS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Guilielmus GOOSSENS (see also XI.9).

XI.9    Guilielmus GOOSSENS,
Married to Maximiliana SOLVAY.
From this marriage:

   1.  Maria Abba GOOSSENS.
Married 1773 to Jean Francois MAHY.

VII.24    Philippus GOOSSENS.
Married to Marie de BEYS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Jan GOOSSENS.
Married to Anna WOUTERS.

IV.3    Segerius GOOSSENS.
Married to Joanna OLIVIERS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Barbara GOOSSENS.
   2.  Judoca GOOSSENS.
   3.  Carolus GOOSSENS (see also V.10).
   4.  Joannes GOOSSENS.

V.10    Carolus GOOSSENS.
Married to Margareta THIBAUT.
From this marriage:

   1.  Catharina GOOSSENS.
Married to Petrus STERCKX.
   2.  Margareta GOOSSENS.
Married to Joannes de HASELEER.
   3.  Carolus GOOSSENS.
   4.  Diederik GOOSSENS.
   5.  Anna GOOSSENS.
Married to Vrank COENRAERTS.

IV.5    Henricus GOOSSENS.
Married to Margriete van BRABANT.
From this marriage:

   1.  Hendrik GOOSSENS (see also V.13).
   2.  Jan GOOSSENS (see also V.15).

V.13    Hendrik GOOSSENS.
Married to Geertruide van den GUCHTE.
From this marriage:

   1.  David GOOSSENS (see also VI.18).

VI.18    David GOOSSENS, died 1595.
Married (1) 1580 to Eva van ZUENE.
Married (2) 1595 to Elisabeth GOOSSENS.
From the first marriage:

   1.  Jan Ulric Goessen GOOSSENS, born 1580 in Borchtlombeek, died 1634.
   2.  Francisca GOOSSENS, born 1585 in Borchtlombeek, died 1645 in Wambeek.
Married 1605 to Peeter de TROCH, died 1645 in Wambeek.
   3.  Laureis GOOSSENS.
   4.  Frans GOOSSENS.
   5.  Anna GOOSSENS.

From the second marriage:

   6.  Geertruide GOOSSENS.
Married to Jan de RO.
   7.  Maria Anna GOOSSENS.

V.15    Jan GOOSSENS, died 1584.
Married to Catharina d´ARAS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Jan GOOSSENS.
   2.  Pauwel GOOSSENS.
   3.  Anneken GOOSSENS.

III.4    Segerius GOOSSENS.
Married (1) to Joanne OLIVIERS.
Married (2) to Kathelijne BOOTS.
From the first marriage:

   1.  Carel GOOSSENS (see also IV.9).
   2.  Barbel GOOSSENS.
   3.  Josyne GOOSSENS.

From the second marriage:

   4.  Jan GOOSSENS.

IV.9    Carel GOOSSENS.
Married to Margriet THIEBAULT.
From this marriage:

   1.  Dierick GOOSSENS.
   2.  Carel GOOSSENS.
   3.  Kathelijne GOOSSENS.
Married (1) to Peeter STERCKX.
Married (2) to Jan HOEDT.
   4.  Margriete GOOSSENS.
Married (1) to Jan HASELEER.
Married (2) to Bertel WASTEAU.
   5.  Anne GOOSSENS.
Married to Franchen COENRAETS.

II.3    Segerius GOOSSENS.
Married to Maria BOSSCHAERT.
From this marriage:

   1.  Henricus GOOSSENS.

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