Male descendants of Petrus J.P. GOOSEN

I.1    Petrus J.P. GOOSEN, born on 05-12-1850.

   1.  Gerhardus Johannes GOOSEN (see also II.1).
   2.  C GOOSEN, born on 17-09-1888.
   3.  A GOOSEN, born on 23-08-1889.
   4.  Gert GOOSEN, born on 26-10-1892.
   5.  C.J.C GOOSEN, buried on 16-08-1883.

II.1    Gerhardus Johannes GOOSEN, born on 27-08-1886 in Uitenhage, died on 23-01-1953 in Pretoria at the age of 66.
Married at the age of 24 on 09-01-1911 to Hilda Elizabeth INGRAM, 21 years old, born on 04-05-1889, died on 17-07-1950 at the age of 61, daughter of Thomans INGRAM and Margaret Louisa RENS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Evelyn Louisa GOOSEN, born on 16-10-1911.
Married at the age of 13 on 22-12-1924 to Theunis GROBLER.
   2.  Peter Godfrey GOOSEN (see also III.3).
   3.  Rhoda Johanna GOOSEN, born on 29-10-1916, died on 09-01-1988 at the age of 71.
Married at the age of 20 on 31-07-1937 to David HUGHES.
   4.  Hilda Victoria GOOSEN, born on 20-11-1922 in Uitenhage, died on 30-06-1992 in Addington Hospital, Durban at the age of 69.
Married to Walter Joseph SCOTT-HAYWARD.
   5.  Thomas Ingram GOOSEN (see also III.9).

III.3    Peter Godfrey GOOSEN, born on 08-09-1913, died on 26-06-1989 in East London at the age of 75.
Married at the age of 22 on 04-07-1936 to Rose, 20 years old, born on 11-03-1916, died on 10-07-1981 at the age of 65.
From this marriage:

   1.  Godfrey Ronald GOOSEN, born on 24-04-1938, died on 28-02-1979 at the age of 40.
   2.  Living GOOSEN.
   3.  Living GOOSEN.
Married (1) to Living DERMOTA.
Married (2) to Living LIEBENBERG.
   4.  Living GOOSEN.
Married to Living TROMPETER.

III.9    Thomas Ingram GOOSEN, born on 11-01-1924.
Married at the age of 21 on 31-03-1945 in Pretoria West. Ned. Geref. Kerk to Maria Elizabeth MULLER, 18 years old, born on 26-07-1926, died on 21-06-1985 at the age of 58.
From this marriage:

   1.  Living GOOSEN.
Married to Living Von STRATEN.
   2.  Living GOOSEN.
Married to Living BREWER.


Patrick Goosen

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