Male descendants of Johannes Cornelis GOOSEN

I.1    Johannes Cornelis GOOSEN.
Married to Catharina Jacoba de VILLIERS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Jacoba Johanna Maria GOOSEN, born on 25-03-1817 in Paarl, christened on 12-06-1817 in Paarl.
Married on 05-12-1802 in Kaapstad to Pieter Andries ROSSOUW, christened on 05-07-1809.
   2.  Pieter Andries GOOSEN (see also II.3).

II.3    Pieter Andries GOOSEN, died on 05-08-1894 in Northern Paarl.
Married to Hester Maria GOOSEN, born 06-1823 in Wellington, died on 29-04-1897 in Paarl, daughter of Jan GOOSEN and Hester ROSSOUW.
From this marriage:
   1.  Jacob Petrus GOOSEN (see also III.1).

III.1    Jacob Petrus GOOSEN, born 05-1892 in Paarl, died on 13-09-1933 in Buitengracht Street, Cape Town.
Married in Durbanville to Johanna Elizabeth SCHIERHOUT, born on 30-11-1896 in Fraserburg, died on 01-04-1987 in Victoria Road Parow at the age of 90. Ook Schierhoudt.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johanna Elizabeth (Joyce) GOOSEN, born 1928 in Belville.
Married to Adriaan Johannes Gerhardus WESSELS.
   2.  Hester Maria GOOSEN.
Married (1) to Edmund VERWEY.
Married (2) to ? PRINSLOO.
   3.  Christina Magdelena (Kitty) GOOSEN.
Married to John Adam (Ampie) FOURIE.
   4.  Pieter Andries GOOSEN (see also IV.8).
   5.  Maria Magdalena (Mimmie) GOOSEN.
Married to Johannes Hendrik Erasmus (Johnny) van ZIJL, born 1917 in Heidelberg, died 1967 in Heidelberg.
   6.  Johan Frederick Schierhoudt (Frikkie) GOOSEN (see also IV.12).
   7.  Elizabeth Elieuwnora (Nora) GOOSEN.
Married (1) to Sarel van WYK.
Married (2) to BEESLAAR.
   8.  Jacob Petrus (Donnie) GOOSEN (see also IV.17).

IV.8    Pieter Andries GOOSEN, died 1990.
Married to Yvonne Daphne Monica van BOOM.
From this marriage:
   1.  Andries Pieter GOOSEN, died on 14-07-1980.
   2.  Willem Johannes Petrus (Willie) GOOSEN (see also V.2).
   3.  Jakob Petrus GOOSEN (see also V.7).
   4.  Yolanda Louise GOOSEN.
   5.  Herman GOOSEN.
Married to Lynne van HEERDEN.

V.2    Willem Johannes Petrus (Willie) GOOSEN.
Married (1) to Therina OAKDALE.
Married (2) to STEENKAMP.
Married (3) to Therina Le ROUX.
Married (4) to Sonja RIDDLES.
From the first marriage:
   1.  GOOSEN.
From the second marriage:
   2.  Jurie GOOSEN.
From the third marriage:
   3.  Liesl Marie GOOSEN, died on 22-01-1997 in Cape Town.
   4.  Leroy GOOSEN.
From the fourth marriage:
   5.  Shaun William GOOSEN.

V.7    Jakob Petrus GOOSEN.
Married to Jil SEDMAN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Jeffrey Roy GOOSEN.
Married to Laura YARWOOD.
   2.  Jessica Anne GOOSEN.

IV.12    Johan Frederick Schierhoudt (Frikkie) GOOSEN.
Married to Daphne van ASS.
From this marriage:
   1.  June GOOSEN.
Married to Benny PRATT.

IV.17    Jacob Petrus (Donnie) GOOSEN.
Married to Wendy SMITH.
From this marriage:
   1.  Edwin GOOSEN (see also V.14).
   2.  Jeanine GOOSEN.
Married to Mark KRUGER.
   3.  Nichole GOOSEN.
Married to Mark ELS.
   4.  Brian GOOSEN.

V.14    Edwin GOOSEN.
Married to Linda TILTMAN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Shannon GOOSEN.
   2.  Nathan GOOSEN.
   3.  Cameron GOOSEN.

Patrick Goosen

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