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1051 UMC Radboud Nijmegen - Hemofilie Jansen, Willy Carl Johan (I6003)
1052 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F44
1053 vader: Knoll, Ida (I4385)
1054 Vaderland Immigration Ship 29 Jun 1877 Philadelphia
29 jun 1877 
Goossen, Franz M. (I222)
1055 Verdronken op 14-jarige leeftijd. Mayland, Gustav (I5623)
1056 Verhuisd naar: Vanderbijlpark ZdAfr (280161) Burink, Gerard (I5416)
1057 verhuisd op 26-01-1911 naar Den Haag Doedijnstraat 17
verhuisd op 04-02-1914 naar Schiedam Bruggemanstraat 40
verhuisd op 14-07-1914 naar Jan Steenstraat 12
verhuisd op 09-07-1925 naar Jan Steenstraat 14
begraven in familiegraf Nieuw Eik en Duinen 2e klasse A no 124 te DenHaag
broers: Albertus 16-08-1843
Adrianus 05-03-1883 + 03-12-1884
Adrianus 10-09-1887
zusters: Hendrika Johanna 02-03-1872
Adriana Maria 05-07-1873
Maria 13-08-1877 
van Heel, Pieternella (I13)
1058 vestigde zich op 1 mei 1842 in de Noordermeer
Als dienstmeiden werkten Aaltje de Boer uit Vollendam, Aaltje Doffer uit Hensbroek, Neeltje Buis geboren in 1829 te Ursem, werkte er van 2 februari 1852 tot 1 april 1854. Marijtje van Stralen geboren in 1828 werkte er van 25 december 1854 tot 26 januari 1864. Zij kwam uit Spanbroek en ging daarna naar Venhuizen. Aaltje Baas kwam daar op 28 maart 1857 werken zij kwam uit Abbekerk.
Als knechten werkten Lourens de Boer geboren in 1825 te Obdam tot 1850.
Jacob Koning geboren in 1829 te Avenhorn werkte er van 1850 tot 1853. 
Steur, Jacob (I5227)
1059 Volgens Church of Latter Day Goosen, Evert Louwe (I1)
1060 Volgens geboorteakte Utingeradeel,1865, heeft Marcus Wybes Vleeshouwer aangifte gedaan van zoon Pier Vleeschouwer d.d. 8 februari 1865 geboren 7 februari 1865, Pier heeft bij zijn huwelijk afstand gedaan van de naam Vleeshouwer.

Pier is geboren in Marcus zijn schip liggende te Akkrum. 
Flobbe, Pier (I2015)
1061 voor 03-1699 overleden Goossen, Jannetje (I151)
1062 voor 03/1659 overleden Goossen, Marijnis (I170)
1063 voor 04-1663 overleden Goossen, Marinus (I172)
1064 voor 19-07-1769 overleden Goossen, Cornelis Jacobsz. (I190)
1065 voor 19-07-1769 overleden Goossen, Maria (I192)
1066 Waarschijnlijk 10 April 1956 naar Ottawa, Canada geëmigreerd. Godri, Cornelis (I4947)

Walter D. Goossen was born the 10th son of Franz M. and Suzanna (Doerksen) Goossen on June 21, 1915 in Hillsboro, Kansas. His life was marked by faithful service to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Saved at the age of 10, he was an avid student of the Word of God.

Walter graduated from Hillsboro Bible Academy in 1933, took correspondence courses from Moody Bible Institute, and attended school in Denver. In the fall of 1941 he started his two year Bible School at Oklahoma Bible Academy. Later he attended Grace Bible Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.
On August 15, 1943, Walter married Ethel Marie Koehn of Orienta, Oklahoma. At his death, he was survived by his wife, five children, twelve grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and expecting two more great grandchildren.

Walter began serving the Lord with the "Go Ye" Mission in the spring of 1943. He taught children in Bible schools in the northeast Oklahoma area. After his marriage to Ethel, they continued their work with the "Go Ye" Mission. In the spring of 1946, Walter was ordained as a preacher/elder, Walter and Ethel served as missionaries with the Hopi Indians in Arizona for six years. Following their missionary service, Walter pastored churches in Muskogee and Stillwater, Oklahoma and Kiowa and Augusta, Kansas.

In and between serving as pastor, Walter served as deacon, elder, and Sunday School teacher in churches he attended. He was always involved in evangelistic ministry, whether talking to people along the lakeside or going door-to-door. His love for the Lord was evident in his life.

Walter also did carpentry work, and his abilities to build, fix and repair, led him back to work at the "Go Ye" Mission in his retirement years. But his enthusiasm for serving his Lord was not limited to the maintenance side. He became involved in the Prison Ministry. He didn't just teach the prisoners, but developed friendships with them.

Walter was faithful in service to the Lord. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

(Info by 
Goossen, Walter Dwight (I291)
1068 Was Shipwrecked on the Wild Coast, near Cebe. Her father was a cook onthe ship, which was transporting coffee. She earned a living in Manubiworking for the Forestry Dept, and later became a Letter Writer toassist the local communicate with relatives in the Mines and elsewhere. Lawrence, Margaret (I123)
1069 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1876
1070 Who's Who - Yearbook
Her taunt, to startle and waylay. 
Forster, Anna May (I1244)
1071 Wife of George Goossen, married 7-21-1951 at rural Goessel, KS. Daughter of John D. & Lydia Wiebe Pankratz. Mother of Keith Goossen, Sandra Blackmore & Kathy Woelk. Sister of Harvey and John Pankratz.  Pankratz, Lorena (I349)
1072 Wilhelmina Frederika Looijen 1946 Looijen, Wille (I2196)

William F. Goossen was born May 29, 1904, near Hillsboro, Marion County, the son of F. M. Goossen and Susie Duerksen Goossen. In 1923 on May 20, he was baptized by the Rev. Heinrich Danman upon the confession of his faith in Jesus Christ his personal savior and joined the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church.

He married Susie Wedel November 17, 1927. To this union which covered 10 years five months and six days was blessed with two children, one son, Joseph Willard, and one daughter, Rosella Frieda.

In the spring of 1928 they came to Thomas County to make their new home on a farm. Here they lived about ten years and under the heavenly Father's protection and care their daily needs were always supplied. He never lost courage even when the crops of the last years were but small.

When in September 1937 the Meadow Mennonite Church, of Mingo was organized they became charter members and with great hope and joy they looked forward to the time when they would have their own standing minister. He is the first to be called to his eternal reward after the organization of the church.

In the spring of 1937 he began to complain that he was not feeling well and when his condition became alarming he consulted a physician. On November 2, he entered the Bethesda hospital as a patient. After six weeks he was dismissed and they made plans to return to their home in Thomas County, but the Lord in His wisdom had a different plan.

On April 3, 1938, he suffered a serious relapse and was brought again to the Bethesda Hospital, at Goessel, where he passed away quietly on April 23 at 4:20 A.M. His age at the time of his death was 33 years, 10 months and 25 days. His disease was kidney trouble and high blood pressure and was at times very painful.

He leaves to mourn his early death, his wife, two children, the parents, nine brothers, two foster sisters,
nine sister-in-laws, two brother-in-laws and many other relatives and friends.

His funeral was held April 26 in the Tabor Church (while painting was done in the Alexanderwohl Church) with burial in the Alexanderwohl Cemetery.

(Info from 
Goossen, William F. (I238)
1074 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Maass, Kathe (I384)
1075 Woonachtig in Auckland, Nieuw-Zeeland met 3 kinderen. Family F1283
1076 Woonde in Kleef (Dld), Nijmegen, Tiel, Belgie.
Bij de wet van 8 juli 1907 genaturaliseerd als Nederlander. 
Maass, Johann Gerhard (I382)
1077 Woonde tot zijn dood bij zijn broer Otto en schoonzuster Annechien op het "olderiek stee". van Bergen, Martinus Teunis (I3496)
1078 Worked for the Dept. State License Bureau for 22 yrs. Goosen, Mary Ann (I35)
1079 Year: 1880; Census Place: Mountain Lake, Cottonwood, Minnesota; Roll:T9_617; Family History Film: 1254617; Page: 22.2000; EnumerationDistrict: 33; Image: 0546 Goossen, Heinrich Johann N. (I20)
ASD AdeRuijterw 23 I (23-02-1931)
Bilderdijkkade 36hs (28-08-1934)
Bilderdijkkade 32ahs (06-10-1939)
PB479724 (08-08-1941) 
Steman, Willem Adrianus (I505)
1081 Zij is geboren uit Hongaars-Oostenrijkse ouders. Sukert, Elizabeth Maria (I3417)
1082 Zij is op 06-11-1935 vertrokken naar Lahore, India van Gompel, Jannetje (I801)
1083 Zij is overleden op 2 februari 1860 in Zijpe, zij was toen 30 jaar oud, in het kraambed. Boontjes, Maartje (I4769)
1084 Zij was de jongste van het zestal en was wat "Wonnerliek". Een groot deel van haar leven heeft ze doorgebracht in het "Waarkhoes"van de Diakonie van de Hervormde kerk te Eelde. van Bergen, Klazie (I3447)
1085 Zonder geloof

Aangekomen op 14-10-1944
Vanaf plaats Amersfoort*
Kampnummer 56303

Combee, Leendert (I482)

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